Thrifting in Stockholm

In Stockholm, there are a plethora of cute and trendy spots to purchase second hand clothing. Today, I will focus on Sodermalm, a hip southern island of Stockholm and what the area has to offer.

  • Myrorna
  • Address: Hornsgatan 96, 118 21 Stockholm
  • Price:$

Myrorna is the Swedish equivalent to a goodwill. They have an assortment of clothing, silverware, and antique household items. This is more on the affordable side, and I highly recommend if you want to ball on a budget.

  • Stockholms Stadsmissions second hand
  • Address:Hornsgatan 58, 118 21 Stockholm
  • Price: $

Stockholms Stadsmissions second hand is another cheaper second hand store with trendy and affordable clothing. Stockholms Stadsmissions has their own in house brand which uses recycled garments but they are bit more expensive. I really like Stockholms Stadsmissions because they also sell miscellaneous jewelry and camera equipment. You can be a true hipster and buy a vintage camera!

  • HUMANA Second Hand
  • Address: Timmermansgatan 23, 118 55 Stockholm
  • Price: $$

HUMANA is my personal favorite because of their unique, curated collection of clothes for both genders. You can see flocks of Stockholm teenagers trying their best to impress the workers. It’s so funny to see. They also always have a brilliant music playlist in the background that creates an ideal shopping environment. The clothes are a little more expensive than Myrorna and Stockholms Stadsmissions, but it is definitely worth the visit. Literally, half of my current wardrobe is from HUMANA (I don’t know how I will bring it all home haha).

  • Beyond Retro
  • Address:  Brännkyrkagatan 82, 118 23 Stockholm
  • Price:$$$

Beyond Retro has the most impressive selection of clothing, but it is more on the expensive side. Expect to spend around 300-600 kronor if you want anything worthy of purchasing. This store is especially cool because they sell so a large variety of styles from leather, retro, athletic wear, and western clothing. I also admire their Levi’s jean collection. One odd discovery is that Levi’s are very expensive and popular in Sweden. If you have money to spend, Beyond Retro is the spot for you.

  • BONUS Location
  • ACNE Archive
  • Address: Torsgatan 53, 113 37 Stockholm
  • Price:$$$$$

Although this store is not located in Sodermalm, I had to mention it. ACNE is a Swedish contemporary fashion label that are known for sleek, hip, and trendy clothing. If you have ever seen the beanies with a face on them, those are ACNE. ACNE has the ACNE archive store where you can purchase clothing from previous seasons and sample articles of clothing at a cheaper price point. The clothes are on average 20-50 percent off. If you ever in Stockholm, you MUST visit the ACNE Archive Store.

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