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Hey guys, it’s Leaf checking back in with my adventures in Sverige.  This past week, I was fortunate enough to visit parliament with my host mother who shall remain nameless.  She is a member of Swedish parliament, so I got an in-depth tour of the Parliament grounds. We started the tour by entering the parliament chamber. ThisContinue reading “Parliament”

From Skansen to Cemetaries (plus a Cat Café)

Here is a rundown of my experiences in Stockholm.  We visited Skansen, hailed as a cultural monument for its interactive and family friendly attractions. I attended Skansen as a field tour with my Swedish Intermediate class. Skansen is an open-air museum which includes a zoo with regional wild animals such as moose, wolves, lynxes and brown bears.  Skansen encompasses various aspects of Swedish history with farmsteads and houses that offerContinue reading “From Skansen to Cemetaries (plus a Cat Café)”

Core Course Week

This past week was DIS core course week. Core course week is a three-day study tour program that accompanies your Core Course.  During Core Course week, students travel with their relevant core course to various parts of Sweden such as Malmo, Uppsala, My Core Course is Positive Psychology, as we traveled to the Gothenburg, a coastal city in western Sweden.  We started the week with guided tours and guest lecturesContinue reading “Core Course Week”

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